Going Deep

Visiting a new place along the way, we are  always running the risk of being little more than a tourist. To be a true traveler, a true seeker, one must do more than visit the tourist shops and eat fast-food experiences.

Spend a little more time, and get to really know at least one person in this place that is new to you. Don't spend too much time telling your story - instead, listen to theirs. Leave behind an impression of your openness to someone else's experience, history, sorrows and joys. Be ineffible, but o p e n - it helps people open up to you more.

Try to spend some effort learning the history of this place, how it formed - geologically, biologically, the lay of the watershed, the movement of the various peoples who have inhabited this place.

What beliefs are held here? How have conflicting views fared over time with these various factions? Why do so many of the locals wear blue, for instance?

Above all, don't treat the road as though it were the journey - YOU are the journey, and all the experiences you unfold along the way. Have many - there is no set limit. And even if its under-sized, you don't have to throw it back!


We enter in a fog, and usually leave in one, as well. What happens in between is the new story we collect inside our lives. The color of our journey, the sound and smells, and sweet joys we encounter along the way, all these things and more shape our spirit, sing our song.

Any one of those boats will take you to a destination. Pick one.

So many stories, so little time.

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