The Theory of Everything and Nothing

Looking at the sky at dusk last night
We all see with a clarity at once suspect
That there is no true distance between any
Two things

The smoke of recent fires has cleared
The dogs go about their business
On the hill under emerging stars
And the homebound traffic a distant moan

We are above it all
Yet firmly entwined in the fray
What falls between our eyes
And the object of our gaze is less
Than air, more than desire

Traveling through this life
We want nothing more than
To connect, to rub up against all
Life puts before us so indifferently

Yet something intervenes
Makes distances seem real, oppressive
And connections tenuous, at best
Walking here, side by side, alone

Gaze out from here
And see what Hawkings sees -
Everything, and nothing
All of a piece

Nothing surrounds us
Or dwells outside us
The interpenetration of everything and nothing
Closes the distances
Between this hill and those stars

What Separates Us?
Look at all the ways we feel apart from our own lives, or distant from those around us. Our electronic future makes it seem as though we are always connected. But is that really the case?

When was the last time you really connected to another person? Not sex, but heart? When was the last time you really connected to your dreams, the ones you had that once excited you, the what-could-be dreams?

Look at your work. What is the message that the world gives you about the work you do, making a living? That your real life doesn't begin until you leave your work? That you have to "get ahead"? That it is normal to resent working? Why are we told these things, and what harm is it doing to us all?

What about play? When was the last time you spontaneously played? A game, skipping, made sand angels, played tag, painted your face, made silly faces? Why does that sound like something only children should do? Who made that rule?

There are no right answers to any of these questions. 

What are your answers?
How will you find them?

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